Infrastructure - Power back up facility

Power back up facility

KPRIT is having their power back up (generators) unit rated 62.5 KVA for enough back up energy around 10 hours for entire load. The generators turned on and all the protected electric loads seamlessly transferred to the backup power system.

Power outages can spell hindrance for an unprepared service facility. KPRIT works to ensure that we have access to back up power to continue serving under any condition.

Renewable Energy Utilization

KPRIT is planning to adopt environment friendly renewable energy conservation for which it promotes energy conservation awareness among students and society. The college is designed to optimally utilize natural light in each class room and in most of the labs.

However, there is no renewable energy harvesting methods are adopted at present, but we are planning to

  • Install a 20 kW roof top solar power unit to provide electricity to the administrative building
  • Install solar water heaters in hostels for supplying hot water in the hostels
  • In the near future, nearly 15% of energy requirement will be met through solar power generation with government support

Students of KPRIT have designed and are planning to install a biogas plant the campus to convert the food waste generated into biogas, can be used for steam cooking with the modern kitchen equipment’s.

Power back up Facility at KPRIT
Power back up Facility at KPRIT
Power back up Facility at KPRIT