Skill Development Training

About Skill Development Training

Student Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development Program (SEED) at KPRIT is an initiative offered to student’s right from the first year itself to nurture early-stage startups and entrepreneurial ventures.

First Year:

Enhancing communication and leadership skills through participation in Toastmaster International.

Second Year:

Developing aptitude, verbal ability, programming skills, and pursuing relevant certifications and projects.

Third Year:

Mastering advanced programming skills, focusing on data structures and algorithms, full-stack development, and gaining practical experience through internships and placements.

Fourth Year:

Transitioning from internships to full-time employment, utilizing the acquired skills and experiences to secure rewarding career opportunities.


Students in the program receive guidance and mentorship from experienced industry professionals across verticals, enabling them to navigate the challenges of starting a business.

Networking Opportunities:

The program facilitates connections with a diverse network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts, expanding students' professional network.

Business Development Workshops:

Students gain access to workshops and training sessions focused on building essential business skills.

Incubation Space:

Students have access incubation spaces where students can work on their projects, collaborate with peers, and access necessary resources.

Access to Resources:

Students can leverage the program's resources, including research databases, industry reports, and technology platforms, to enhance their business operations.

Pitching Opportunities:

The program provides platforms for students to pitch their ideas to potential investors, customers, and partners, enhancing their visibility and funding prospects.

Alumni Network:

As part of the program, students join a strong alumni community of successful entrepreneurs, creating long-lasting connections and opportunities for collaboration.

Validation and Feedback

Students receive valuable feedback and validation of their business concepts from program mentors and industry experts, refining their ideas and strategies.

Recognition and Awards:

Exceptional student ventures from the program have the opportunity to be recognized and awarded, boosting their credibility and attracting further support.

Overall, the Seed Program empowers students to transform their entrepreneurial aspirations into viable and successful ventures by providing financial support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to resources and recognition.

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