Computer Science and Engineering - Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes

Course Outcomes are statements that describe significant and essential learning that the Students have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate at the end of a course. A Course outcome makes clear the intended result of the learning rather than what form the instruction will take. A good course outcome states what a student will know or be able to do at the end of instruction. It focuses on student performance. Other synonyms are learning outcome or Course learning outcome.

The advantages of CourseOutcomes:

Benefits for the course and module designer

In terms of course and module design, the use of explicit course outcome statements can help ensure consistency of delivery across modules or programs. They can aid curriculum design by clarifying areas of overlap between existing modules, program and qualifications.

Benefits for quality assurance and standards

Quality assurance benefits from the adoption of learning outcomes via the resulting increase in transparency and better comparability of standards between and within qualifications.

Benefits for Students and employers

Students benefit from a comprehensive set of statements of exactly what they will be able to achieve after successful study. Course outcomes provide Students with clear information that can help them with their choice of module/unit/program/qualification to study and can lead to more effective learning.

Benefits for national and international educational transparency

Internationally, Course outcomes contribute to the mobility of students by facilitating the recognition of their qualifications and improving the transparency of qualifications and thus simplifying credit transfer.

Course Outcomes for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering